Office: Treatment Philosophy


Dr Castelnuovo has created within the COR-Center for Oral Rehabilitation an ideal condition of coexistence for different dental specializations that determine precise therapies for the long-term wellness of his patients.

A homogeneous dental education, one received at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA, allows the professionals working at the Center to maintain an interdisciplinary approach led by a common treatment philosophy. Such philosophy is based upon four key points: esthetics, function, biomechanics, and biology. During treatment planning those four key points are analyzed and implemented to ensure therapeutic success.


Professionals working at the COR-Center for Oral Rehabilitation provide highly qualitative and esthetical therapies in every clinical situation, ranging from the most complex to the most simple.

Once patient complaints have been heard, the dental team, by virtue of its educational experience, can focus on specific problems, relating these to the rest of the mouth as a whole while keeping a global vision of the clinical condition. Such an approach leads to a precise diagnosis and a correct treatment plan.

A very special role is then played by the maintenance of the achieved results, so that minor problems may be corrected before they become major ones. Patients are educated and motivated to participate regularly in the hygiene recall programs offered by the COR periodically every 2-3-4-6 months according to individual needs.