Treatments: Dental Hygiene (cleaning)


Hygiene and Prophylaxis (prevention) is a branch of dentistry concerned with maintaining the mouth clean (through both hand instrumentation and ultrasonic instruments) from bacterial plaque and calculus (calcified bacterial plaque) for treatment and prevention of dento-gingival problems such as gingivitis (inflammation of superficial soft tissues), periodontitis (inflammation of deep supporting tissues), halitosis (bad breath and taste), and decay (caries). In addition to the dental hygiene appointment, patient motivation and oral home care (instructions) represent a very important and fundamental part of the therapy. Treatment protocols contemplate, according to the oral health condition of the patient, periodical recalls every six, four, three, or two months. Periodical dental hygiene appointments, scheduled according to a punctual recall program, represent a fundamental aid in the maintenance of the results obtained with the different dental treatments, thereby avoiding or delaying the need for a re-intervention over time.