Office: Front Desk

The front desk personnel of the Center books appointments according to the patient’s needs, and also confirms these (by telephone, text or e-mail) usually 24-48 hours in advance.

It is also collects data relative to the medical and dental history of new patients, updates pre-existing medical and dental histories, and digitally records (scanning) radiographs brought by new patients.

The front desk personnel submits written estimates and informed consents to the patients. It arranges customized payment plans, and provides assistance for the progressive bookkeeping of therapies, as well as filling in dental insurance company forms for the reimbursement of the patient’s invoices.

Furthermore, it schedules appointments for instrumental exams such as CT Scans that are performed at outside diagnostic facilities.

The front desk office also acts as organizer and secretary for the courses held by Dr Castelnuovo for dental colleagues.